Montclair, New Jersey

Bio: Just some chic ya know... I am BiPolar and have been since I was first diagnosed at the age of 25; that's when I say, "The bottom fell out". I have been writing poetry since I could first string a sentence together. It's one of the few things that so far hasn't been taken away from me by this illness. My poetry is Freeform. Sometimes I rhyme, sometimes each line is a statement of thought or emotion. Sometimes it flows, other times it stutters or screams. State of mind has a lot to do with the poem presented. I studied for my Masters in Boston, MA. But had to quit due to the manifestation of the BiPolar. I have been on numerous medications and have had different psychologists and psychiatrists over the past 22 years. For some reason, I'm still here. I still fight the daily fight of motivation and searching for a reason to continue. I know there are others who are WAY worse off than me. I remind myself of this daily. I am blessed, I know this. But somedays, knowing doesn't help the struggle. So I write. My emotions are raw, my style is freeform, I don't like to analyze poetry. You take away from it, what you feel. Like any form of art. I have my good days, it's not always so rough. And I treasure those days and those moments like gold. As everyone should....

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