The Blackest Wings






I felt the blackest wings attach to my back this morning

I awoke with them, rose out of bed and felt them flutter

Heaviness, burden and foreboding


Warrior wings of archangels, now were mine

Not to possess, I knew that.


They had brought me a message


Something soon would approach

Something as heavy as those wings

Those invisible wings that I could feel, yet not see

For they were cloud like, pitch black smoke


I carried these wings for three days

Each day, they became lighter

The darkness fading, but still attached


They are with me now,

Protecting me and aiding in the battle ahead.


Their appearance confused me

But now I understand

My body is at war with itself

And I take my Vorpal Sword in Hand.


DIH 01/09/16


2 thoughts on “The Blackest Wings

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