Eyes – Singular

It is my position to decree that the world will not be ruled by


What if the world was ruled by those with one eye

There would be one eyed rallies and marches

Demonstrating in Times Square.

Holding up their banners of the SINGLE EYE.

While those of us with TWO eyes

hide and cowered in the shadows, hoping to be ignored

Knowing that if it weren’t for that damned eye

We could be like everyone else.

There would be a one eyed President

And World Renown Recording Artist

Lady One Eye.

Whose songs and posters are everywhere.

And who’s followers are called “Little Cyclopses”

While those of us with TWO eyes

Live in ghettos and eat what we can find.

Until some liberal one eyed decides to throw us a crumb.

So the government sets up a system too keep us down,

Yet keep us fed.

So we can work and go to school and live

But never be equal to the

Mighty One Eyed.

Our houses will never be as grand

Our clothes never be as posh

But we survive, those of us with two eyes.

Until they open up the Grand You Can Be Like Them Surgical Mall

Where for a large fee, you can have your second eye ‘plucked’ from your head

And wear an eye patch and at least ‘feel’ like a ONE EYE.

Or you can just wear the eye patch and hope you don’t get caught.

Those of us who can never afford the Malls

Will creep into the back alley’s and take a red hot poker to ourselves

Just to belong, we will sear out our eye.

Just to have a chance at a life without ridicule, judgement

bigotry and poverty.

To have a chance to be educated and just to dream without

playing the EYE card.

Imagine being a child in a ONE EYED WORLD

Looking in the mirror everyday and thinking,

damn my depth of vision.

Why do I have two eyes?

It has to be realized that one eye or two

I am still human.

That with one eye or two

I still matter.

That with one eye or two

I still have a voice

And dreams I wish to fulfill.

What does a one eyed person think when they wake up in the morning?

Ahh, look at the sky,

It’s so blue and the grass smells with dew.

What is next, what shall I do?

Well damn, I think that way too.




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