Underneath it all…

Underneath it all

If you flow


If you crash


If you rage, hold it in

destruction is not an option

There is a thin line, a pale skin covering a breaching whale

He pushes and nudges and pokes

But can’t break surface

I can not allow it to break surface

Everyday, I walk the street

Calmly blending with other forms

Breathing the air and enjoying its blessings

But I can feel it, and it scares me


I fear it as much as you do

It’s the reason you judge me and label me and ostracize me

The mad breaching whale underneath a thin membrane of medication

Med magic

Pharmaceutical protection from the mentally ill

And I am grateful for it

Because its nothing I can control

It has a will of its own

And there are times I will not remember its passing

So, underneath it all is a violent, turbulent sea

But I am safe, you are safe

As long as I remember and am aware of its existence

Underneath it all, I am fine.

DIH 01/04/2015


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