The alarm clock is beeping
And I find my thoughts creeping into last nights dreams.

They were pleasant and bountiful
Full of hope and family love

The love you can only offer a brother or sister
Knowing you have support, friendship, you are not alone.

Then again with the beeping
Knowing its time to begin the day

Shuffling for pills and liquid
Scuffling thru the house and bumping into things
Not quite up, not quite awake, still want that dream.

Phone rings.
You answer.
It’s too early for this.

Too early for sadness and reality.
Too early for goodbyes.

And again with the beeping.
It’s a heartbeat now
A slow steady beeping that I had hoped would never end.

Stay with me longer, beep a bit stronger.

Just stay with me longer.

Keep beeping.

DIH – 10/07/02014


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