Opening Letters From Forgotten Friends

Opening Letters From Forgotten Friends


What can see me thru this one

Defenses on call

Scenarios worked out through all possible outcomes


Disappointment seems inevitable

Prepare your heart for a let down


Lining souls for the gauntlet

Forgetting promises made

Safety in solitude

Risks must be taken to grow


Is growth worth the inevitable pain?


I can see it coming

No phone call, no letter or even an email


No, a phone call

Ice voice and anger

Apologies and devastation


Scenarios on call

Good bitch, bad bitch

Happy bitch smiling


Quiet, this is all a secret

Jumping into emotional pools without a psychiatrist


Danger Will Robinson!

Rough terrain ahead


I smell disaster

I feel disaster


How much can one man change?

Dumb question


Where’s my Ativan?

In all ideal conditions

This poem wouldn’t be written


My fear of your judgment of me

My judgment of me

My hatred of myself


Prepare your heart for a let down


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