Someone’s Got To Clean it Up

Someone’s Got To Clean It Up



I wake to dreams

Violent with endless meaning


Triggers strike my restless brain

Shockwaves pass each scaring shame of my endless passing rage

Leave me now.  Leave me now


I remember words once spoken

Of suicide and the ones who grieve

Of messy scenes of blood and release


Someone’s got to clean it up


Drawing streams of red stained escape

Straight lines etched up my arm again

I am lulled away slow and deep

Drifting out of pain


The scene I leave behind is grim

The floor is sick with my remains

Mops and buckets of waters so red

Someone’s got to clean it up


The gun is cocked

This will be swift

I know now it’s time to leave


With child’s courage the trigger is pulled

The hole it gapes beyond my sight

Don’t recall the final phase


The walls, the ceiling and the floor

Bits of me an abstract against blue paint

Someone’s got to clean it up


Tying rope around this hook

I know it’s time to go

I just hope it works as well

That I complete my wish


I will suffer and my neck will crack

Not an easy departure

Either way, the choice is mine

I leave it all for someone else

I’ve had enough

I need to rest


Someone’s got to clean it up


To cut me down from here

Someone’s got to lift my body

And lay me on the floor


Either way, it’s never over

It remains and lingers on

The visions others repeat in the minds

The aching pull of the heart


You have left the physical

The stains, the rope and the splatter


They remain


And someone’s got to clean it up


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