Talking in Circles

Talking in circles


Counting beats, numbers and prose

Leaving senses stomped in the cold

I see more than contempt and regret

Hard to protect ‘the flow’


Erase the neglect

Give myself constant praise for lasting this long

And escaping the cage


Welcome the flow

The freedom of thought

A stream of conscious

Endless response


Nothing worth saying

No steps to take beyond this array of empty disgrace


Rhyming is easy

It flows without thought

Conversation meant to gather, connect

Common responses find similar steps


Give into the need of companions and friends

Apart from the singular

Join and linger in pairs


Avoid habits that continue to cling

Different, split and tore from the seams


I still need to shout the pain in my soul

The darkness I feel

The loneliness and its hold


Not given the option from my mind and its tear

It’s something within and has always been there


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