Nursery rhymes

Horror films and tatter yellow edged comics

Filled my childhood with rotted tales

Visions creeping as I slept


You search your bed

Peer underneath, with heart beats rushing thru your skin


Darkness hides unseen things

Imagination creates them


Pretend, fantasy and invisible dreams

They tickle the curiosity in me

As a child, I took delight in tales from darker worlds


Mummies wrapped in aged bandages

Limping towards my throat

Vampire eyes; entangling me, sexless and seductive


When you’re young, the thrill is there

When you know that it’s not real

But monsters really do exist


He hid beneath the backdoor stairs

He watched me more than once

Deciding if the time was right

And if he would get caught


I confessed to him, my deepest dreams

My sins and hopes to which I aspire

Betrayed his faith, betrayed my word

As he took me from behind


Locked me away, removed my tongue

Sliced thru my innocent veil

Battered me, invaded me

Broke me


He looks at my skin

My eyes, my sex

Decides that I am not human

That I am not like him or her

And hates me just for being

They mock me

Ostracize me

Forbid me


Normal man, normal woman

Living as society dictates

Perfect lives, ideal homes

Secret in their habits


Floorboards creak, odors rise

The dog is barking loudly

The devil talks thru its baneful eyes

It’s time to kill again


The things I fear

(As grey hairs have become so common)

Are the people I have encountered


They live in the tiniest hamlet

And in every Gotham


They walk the streets in three-piece suits

In blue jeans and in sneakers


Always dressed in Sunday’s best

With smiles as they greet you


You turn your head and there they are

Pouring afternoon tea


The Pedophiles

The Rapists

The Homophobes

The Bigots


The Serial Killers

The Sneaky Uncle

The Minister

The Preacher


Wandering eyes and hands

Hateful venomous statements

Destroying all in their path


Preventing you from life and love

Scarring your soul too deep to heal


Worse than any wolf bite

Or Vampire’s fanged kiss


Monsters don’t hide under beds

Live in haunted houses or sewers beneath your feet


Oh yes, I learned so long ago

When innocence was broken


MONSTERS, really do exist

They are red blooded, flesh and bone.


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